When boys become boys

Well, I’ve discovered it.  The age when boys become true boys.  I had seen the signs earlier, like when Ryder held up two fistsfull of dirt and told me “pretty dirt” and the way that they are able to make motor noises long before they form words, but apparently the boy genes really kick in at age 3 1/2.  3 years, 8 months to be exact.  I mentioned yesterday how Ryder told me to smell his poop, well today he leaned on my legs facing me and I heard a toot.  I asked if that was him and he laughed and said yes, then he started asking if I smelled it.  “Uh, no.  And I better not,” was my response.  This lit some kind of fire in him and he climbed on my lap telling me that he wanted me to, then he made his very “boy” move.  He turned around and put his tiny hiney in my face and demanded that I smell!  At this point, I am dying laughing but trying desperately to remove his butt from my face.  All the laughter does is make him think I am enjoying this little show and he begins to wiggle and bounce and beg me to “just smell my poot.”  I am happy to say that I finally gained control of the situation by informing him that I would puke all over him if he tooted in my face.  He did not like the thought of that, so he sat down and the episode concluded, but it was at that moment that I decided we have crossed a road into true boy humor and there is no going back I’m afraid.  His daddy will be so proud.  Nothing like a good booty shake and poot threat in someones, especially Mommy’s, face to get the guys totally tickled.


About sumrobertson

Stay at home mom to two boys, Ryder, 3, and Rylan, 19 months. Recently moved to east central Texas for my husband's job.
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